Life is such a series of small little investments of the heart. The other day, McKinley walked into my house with her Mickey Mouse purse draped across her shoulder. She unzipped the top and looked up at me with hopeful, loving eyes and asked, “Do you want a stamp, Mimi?” I thought for a split second about how hard it is to get that ink off but I quickly answered, ‘I would love a stamp, Lovebug. Thank you!’

She proudly pulled out her ink pad and a stamp with large footprints on it. She stamped my hand with bright red feet. I gave her a hug and told her how much I appreciated her thinking of me.

Children have their own ways of showing love. If you think about it, there are only a few gifts a 5 year old can offer. It might be a lovely drawing or a picture they proudly colored just for you, or a stamp. If you think about it, those are really all the “things” they have to offer. They gladly share their smiles, their hugs, their snuggles and their time helping you with cleaning, cooking, etc. For them, that picture they colored or the stamp pad and stamp they own is a way for them to share what they have with those they love.

The Glory of Christ shines in their eyes. There is no more precious gift on this earth. They are all so genuinely precious to my heart — all four here on earth and the one I will run to when I am called home.

I know from experience that very soon they will be busy with their friends and they won’t want to come and spend their precious social time with Mimi and Pappi like they do now. Right now, they love being with us. And I am going to soak that up with a big fat straw.

None of my grandchildren need ever ask me if I want a stamp, a hug, a kiss, a snuggle, a helping hand, a buddy to hang out with. I will always want them. The answer will always be ‘yes, my sweet child, I would love a stamp.’


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