Review: Anthrodesk ErgoSpring Wide Standing Desk Coverter

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This is a sponsored post. I received a product from Anthrodesk in exchange for my honest review.

The opinions contained herein are my own.

From the first time I saw an ad for a standing desk I was curious to know if it the concept was actually helpful. Having a profession that requires a lot of sitting has become harder and harder for me. I am not getting any younger, unfortunately, and I already experience hip and leg pain on a daily basis.

My desk chair is comfortable but my hubby has attributed part of my pain to the way in which the edge of the seat hits the back of my legs. As a tall, long-legged female, I have agreed that he is probably correct in his assumption that the chair may not fit my legs just right.

When Anthrodesk contacted me to ask if I would review its ErgoSpring Wide Standing Desk Converter, I very happily agreed to the opportunity.

Life as a Travel Agent and Blogger

As much as I love my job, much of my life is sedentary. When I’m not playing with the school-aged kids or chasing an active crawler, I am in a seated position for hours at a time each day. I have considered purchasing a standing desk but there were no affordable options to try. That is, until the Anthrodesk desk converter was introduced.

Navigating a Healthier Lifestyle

This desk has been the perfect addition to my home office. Being rather OCD I was a bit unnerved about adding a big black desktop converted to my all-white office. But, let me tell you, I don’t even care! I have absolutely fallen in love with this desk and, although I do wish there was a white option, I wouldn’t trade it for any other converter. With the easy setup and awesome functionality I use it every chance I get!

Set Up

This product couldn’t be any easier to set up. It came with very clear instructions on how to connect the two pieces together. Four screws later and it was ready to go! It took about 5 minutes to put together.


The Anthrodesk ErgoSpring Wide Standing Desk Converter allows you to sit or stand. You can go from desk level to extended height of 19.75″ with ease. It holds up to 33 pounds and accommodates my monitor, keyboard and my mouse. It even has a slot to hide my cables (bonus for my OCD mind). For the office professional who uses 2 monitors, it is wide enough to accommodate both.

Desk converter when down.
Desk converter when up.

The converter is so easy to use. The push of a lever easily raises the desk to standing level. The “gas spring technology” makes it easily adjust to any level. The keyboard tray extends to a height of 16″ while the monitor shelf extending to 19.75″. It feels completely natural to stand and work and sometimes I even step side-to-side while working just to be even more active.

I normally use my laptop and I still will for accessing my files. For my work that’s accomplished through the internet, though, like booking trips, scheduling dining reservations or booking fast passes, in addition to blogging, I will be standing from now on.

Enjoying a Healthier Office

Sitting and writing, or creating client itineraries, creates a stiff neck and my legs hurt a lot from sitting. Standing to work feels so much better. I absolutely love my Anthrodesk ErgoSpring Wide Standing Desk Converter. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a healthier office lifestyle, less neck and back strain, or just an alternative to sedentary living.

Me at standing desk

You can learn more about the Anthrodesk ErgoSpring Wide Standing Desk Converter by visiting the product page here!

I cannot thank Anthrodesk enough for reaching out to share this great product with me!

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