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Today, I’m letting y’all in on a little secret about me. Considering the scope of my nerdiness, it’s a miracle most people don’t know this about me. No, it’s not that I’m a Disney freak – all the world knows that! It’s that…I’m a Planner Nerd!!

Whew, I said it! Yes, I am a superfreak for planner decorating!

According to Quistic, I am an ISFJ personality. People with this personality type focus on fulfilling their duties and want others to know they’re reliable and can be trusted to do what’s expected of them. It’s true that this means a lot to me and I find that it’s much easier to remember every task expected of me by having it all simply laid out. In other words, my life is scheduled and I like it that way. What’s more is that I like seeing my schedule in a visual layout.

I have always been a paper-calendar person. Even with all the technology at our fingertips, I like the pen-to-paper way of living. Several years ago, a good friend of mine, Heidi (from Heidi’s Head), posted a review of her personalized planner from Plum Paper. I fell in love with it because it could be personalized into 7 sections – whatever I wanted – and, since I have so many things to keep up with, I thought it was perfect for me! I ordered the first one and I loved it. Ever since then, I have been hooked. Now, it’s the only brand of planner I use.

I must admit that each time I order the next year’s planner I get all giddy about starting the planning for the year. Last year, though, something really strange happened. I started planner decorating. I really enjoyed it and the obsession just kept growing. In fact, I used a big chunk of my birthday cash on washi, markers, pens and stickers (as you can see from the photos). I also have sticker paper to print out my personalized stickers for my clients’ fast pass booking reminders, dining reservation reminders, final payment reminders, etc.

Most people who know me know that I am a good organizer and a paper pusher. I am 98% admin, but I do have a need to be creative too. I am not good at decorating, crafts, sewing or any of that. But, my 2% of the creativity gene is satisfied by planner decorating.

My planner has Monthly views, as well as weekly views with 7 categories (as you can see above). These categories are:

Personal: This is where I list any shipments I am expecting, my need to make a trip to the post office, the days I have my Immunotherapy shots, or other personal errands and events.

A&M: This stands for Aleyah & McKinley and this Summer I have them on Wednesdays and Thursdays so I block out this time with them. Once they start school, I will be picking them up each day except for the day after their daddy gets off from the fire station so I will note those dates.

Pixie Work: This is any work I need to do for my job except for booking fast passes and dining reservations, as these have their own sections as you can see next.

FPs: This section is for fast passes that need to be booked for my guests.

ADRs: This section is for noting dining reservations to be booked for my guests as well.

Budget: This is where I put my budget notes for upcoming spending or notes on our Sinking Funds.

Notes: I used to use this section for special notes but now I use it for each day’s menu.


On Sunday evenings, I spend my time meal planning and decorating my planner for the next week. Here is the monthly view of September, along with a view of the week of September 4-10, so far.

As you can see, there is already a lot that I know about. In addition to scheduled events, I also note chores, trash days, the days I have to get up extra early to book fast passes and dining reservations, and other activities that happen on daily, weekly or monthly intervals. Other things that come up are noted on a post-it and I will finish decorating each week when it’s time.

That pretty much sums up my crazy obsession. Are you a closet planner nerd, or do you have any borderline embarrassing obsessions that not many people know about? If so, leave me a note in the comments and thanks for sharing!!


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